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Resources Hosted by DoddsNET

Moreso than most other networking groups on the Internet, DoddsNET is very much about the community. And we can say that with a straight face, because we don't get jack squat in return for the time and money we pump into this project.

As part of our continued commitment to improving the quality of life in this global electronic community of ours, DoddsNET hosts a number of resources of general and special interest. We hope that some may be general or special enough to interest you.

Linux Schtupf

The Linux PMac archive Is the chipper smiley face that pops up every time you turn your computer on starting to get you down? Well, you could go out and install BeOS. Or, if you're not a developer and don't want to shell out hard cash to make your PowerMac less user-patronizing, you can take a look at this collection. DoddsNET houses a mirror for much of the material you'll need to get started on an install of PowerMac Linux.


Tired of seeing X login screens in the local computer labs that look prettier than yours? Here's your answer. XBanner is a package which, when coupled with the standard xdm, lets you customize away the boring gray background.


Don't lurk now... Created and produced by the Internet's own favorite son, Joseph Michael Straczynski, Babylon 5 continues to win fans by filling its viewers' nights with horrific images of giant man-eating space ducks. Doing our part to help keep the dream alive, DoddsNET has made its collection of B5 sounds, pictures, and video clips available by anonymous ftp.

Other Resources

Iowa Interstate Railfan's Guide Created by Nathan Holmes and Michael Petersen, two looney, crazed railfans with too much spare time, film, and computer equipment on their hands, the Iowa Interstate Railfan's Archive is just that - a guide to this midwestern regional, including roster shots and info on every locomotive, as well as maps and tips on railfanning the line.

The Chip Directory

The definitive web tool for Electrical Engineers, this is a giant compendium of most of the known integrated circuits, with listings of their purpose, manufacturer, and most importantly for those of us who can never find our databooks because they're buried under piles on our desk, the pinouts of most of these parts.

Politics for Sport and Profit

Data Encryption Standardz-B-Gon As part of our penance for the greased pig, DoddsNET did its part to promote peace and goodwill by helping DESCHALL rub the US government's noses in their own llama manure. As the Wheel of Morality tells us, encryption is good, good, good, but government regulation of encryption is bad, bad, bad, because after all, the government has its own agendas, which don't include keeping your data safe. Although the DES Challenge itself is now over, we've kept the ISU DESCHALL homepage around as a memento--and as a springboard for those who would like to find out what all the fuss was about.

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